Airplane unstable during flight

Hello everybody.
Today I managed to take a flight on the sim and find out thaynthe aircraft (GA) is really unstable once airborne.
The aircraft cannot maintain level flight and starts banking as soon as I take off. I have toake abrupt corrections to assume level flight. Very annoying!
I didn’t experienced this issue before.
I use Trustmaster T1600m joystick and throttle (throttle works fine).
Even in flight model easy setting the flight is awful.
Same issuenof using only keyboard input.
Any hint?

First thing I’d check is make sure your flight model is set to “modern” in the options.

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Already resolved! Thank you!
I never changed this option since the first time I installed the software.
Maybe it has switched after last update?

I wonder what is “legacy” option useful for?

Please go to Habu2u2’s post and click the solution checkbox. This will help others with the same problem find your resolution quicker.

It’s for imported FSX aircraft only. They could certainly be more clear on that.

Mine too! I have problems with aircraft! Also autopilot on A320Neo is not switching on and not working properly after update. Suddenly, in flight, when I began to descend my plane become crazy! It began to loose his speed and speed up again, hover and lift up his nose - I can’t stabilize it and left my flight .

Maybe it’s not problem of simulator, but it began to do like this after last update. Before I had other problems!