Airport charts for VR

I strictly fly airlines vr… - download their ingame panel its truly phenomenal. Cant fly without it now. Confirms all my sids/stars and my plane follows them perfectly.


okay great, i will check it out. Many ppl now have told about this


No sorry I don’t. Does WMR have a virtual desktop mode?

Well my solution is free and works for me.
Here is an install video from Navigraph. How to Install Navigraph Charts In-Game Panel for MSFS 2020 - YouTube

I may check it out depending on price and if it has any advantage over what I do. This would probably be a good solution for WMR users? Though I’m guessing since I don’t have a WMR HMD. Cheers!

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My strategy is to buy software with a perpetual license and not pay subscription fees. I have so many subscription fees that is is impossible to keep track of them and in the long term it costs me more money. Is there a non subscription option with Navigraph? I already own a sim charts program and have the latest charts.

how come u say it’s free. “You need an active Navigraph Ultimate or FMS Data subscription for it to work.”

what sim chart rogram u own

WMR has a virtual home kinda things, where u can pin apps on the walls and stuff

Yep, I too use eBag. Don’t need anything better at this stage. would love to see the equivalent of MoveVR and AviTab plugins from X-Plane but this does the job nicely for basic checklists/charts.

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yeah ebag is good, but do u also get a bug when it doesnt load an image or pdf when probably file size is too big

Haven’t seen that yet, but maybe my files aren’t big enough.

okay, i m talking about around 10mb png

I tried a 15mb jpg and it would not display, so you could be right there. I checked the logs and the tinyweb http server returned a 200 code (SUCCESS) with no errors, so not sure why that would be exactly.

Alright! Thanks for verifying.
Let’s take it to the developer!

I use SimPlates X by Dauntless.

Does it have a vr viewer? Or do you just use that to download the plates and then use ebag or similar to view?

does it support large files

When you search for a chart, sid , star , airport diagram etc. - it will download and open the applicable pdf or multiple pdfs. I wouldn’t say it has a built in viewer option. So yes, you would have to use ebag or similar to view in the sim. On the plus side, if you are going to an airport like CYXU, you just type this into the search bar and it will give you pdf s for everything you want to know about that airport.

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As an update I have also been using Ebag successfully to read the DC6 operating and tutorial PDFs in-sim. Ebag converts them into a series of image files in the folder but once in the sim it does group them into the original documents, can change document with the left/right arrows or change page with the up/down arrows

As I mentioned in the original reply, I use SkyVector and it’s free.