Airport distorted and difficult landing

The airport SALV (Chile) is a little bit distorted, so landing was quite difficult with TBM930.

Could you post a screenshot of the distortion. I’ve tried it in the C-208 and the TBM930 and haven’t seen any issues. I’ll try and replicate the issue if I can.

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ohhhh my. File a Zedesk report and Asobo will fix it manually.

I really like your interpretation of the term “little bit”. :smiley:


I really like this interpretation of “little bit” as well.

I just went and checked out SALV and I am not seeing the same issue. Interestingly my runway has not got the same markings as yours which makes me wonder have you installed any mods/addons that may have changed the default airport?

I was able to land successfully on a flat runway using the TBM.


Same. I did notice a seam flying off to SAZB though.

There is something odd about SALV, it appears to have a runway 16, and 17 overlaid over each other.

This shows in LNM as well, unless I switch to X-Plane only.

Here’s what I see in the sim:

It looks like it is Navigraph data doing it. I moved mine into a sub-folder so MSFS couldn’t see it, and re-tested.


Curiously, LNM has the option to not use Navigraph data for anything, yet it still shows with two overlapping runways.

This will likely be on Navigraph to fix I expect.

Yea mine looks just like tamalien’s screenshot. Nice flat runway.
P.s. just saw the navdata info below. Hope it works out well for you.

Here’s mine - although this screenshot was mid October, not been back since, so may have changed

That’s just slightly more than distorted, lol
file a zendesk report, they will probably fix the mesh when they can.
Or, if you’re using navigraph data, try removing that and see.

I opened a thread at Navigraph, and their explanation is sound.

The Navblue data for MSFS has this airstrip as SALV. However, this doesn’t appear to exist, and it should be SA8I.

Because the Navigraph data updates this, but cannot find SALV, it creates a duplicate at that location called OVJ. This should replace SA8I, but cannot see it as it is listed as SALV, so we end up with SALV & OVJ overlayed.

I’ve opened a Zendesk ticket here, as it is an Asobo/Navblue issue.

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