Airport editing 'for dummies', please?

Hello guys!

I’ve tried reading the SDK documentation and following the SampleAirport tutorial, but when trying to create the .bgl file I got an error ‘NetBingObject not found.’ To be honest, I’ve no experience on this and I’m completely lost. I do not know if I need any other software than the SDK (I have installed it). Can someone lighten me up about editing some airports? Thanks!


Welcome to the world of SDK’s. I wish there was a magic wand to wave to make it easy. If it’s any consolation it is easier with FS2020 than FSX because the SDK has more tools. You should not need anything else for it to work

We are all still learning and the SDK is a work in progress. When you say you tried to create the bgl file what did you do? use the Build Package button in the Inspector window? Did you also check to see whether any bgl files were created in the package folders? This is the package before any building is done


and this after wards


The compiled bgl files needed to make things work in the sim are located in the Packages folder

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Thanks for replying! I’ve been re-reading the documentation and I’m having a better grip of the SDK.

As far as I understand at this point, I can edit current airports but not partially, I have to make them from scratch. But to do that, I have to (the generated one) and start my own, right? How do I open (or find) the package of current loaded airports?

You are correct but there is currently no way to open loaded airports or default airports. Asobo, the developers are aware that having to recreate the airport is a burden so hopefully they will be able to provide a solution.

It is possible to get a start with XML from another source but I would recommend getting really comfortable with the editors first :slight_smile:

Thanks! I have experimented with the SDK and now I have a XML file. As far as I understand airports are in BGL, correct? What do I do next?

You can follow this guide: [Guide] How to create a new airport


Unless I am misunderstanding you, you can “EDIT” existing airports by using polygons to ‘get rid’ of stuff that is already there and add your stuff over top.

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Jon … please tell us you are working on a possible ADE for 2020. We have used your Scruffy Duck software for years (Return to Misty Moorings), and it is our “go to” for design. I’ve tried the SDK “instructional” vids, etc. I can’t make anything work. I’m betting we won’t be able (the lay people among us) to do anything until we get a Scruffy Duck ADE for 2020. If there is any support we can offer you (besides moral), let us know.

Doug Linn/Return to Misty Moorings

I have gotten lots to work, able to create airports, create objects and put them into the sim.

how can I integrate a blender building into my scenery permanently ? I importetd a hangar building from blender into MSFS2020 as scenery. After this I did place the hangar building into an existing scenery of mine. When I remove the package of the hangar from the community the hangar is also gone from the other scenery, it becomes “unknown”.

how can I avoid it?

Think of scenery and models/object as two different things, build a package for all your custom models, you can keep that in the community directory and any scenery packages that use them will have access.

Yes there will be an ADE version for FS2020. There is no timetable for its release but it is closing on its first alpha


Wonderful, Godspeed on your project!


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if you want to give away any airport you made, wouldn’t it be better to integrate the objects into the scenery directly ?

Yes it would, it really depends on what you want the outcome to be of course.

Do you know if there’s any easy way to remove high intensity lead-in approach lights from default airports?

That’s fantastic news!!! We all thank you!!

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The alpha was released on 25 Dec, 2020