Airport ground textures not working again

You are right. I my case I am facing the problems also on handcrafted airports e.g. ESSA (in addition to the broken RWY on this airport, which is unsolved since months) or (just now landed) LEMD

But it seems like this is a rare bug that only happens to a few of us.

What do we all have in common?

For me this all started to happen in the last couple of weeks. Could it be related to GSX?

At first i thought there was something wrong with my community folder or that i have too many addons. But then it happened with an Asobo airport KDEN. So something else is happening here.

I do not use GSX. But the starting point of these problems is similar to yours. After trying many advices I found on websites (all were useless to solve the abnormalties) I am at the moment waiting for SU10 which is announced to next week. Sometimes those problems disappear when the SIM is renewed.
And I am facing purple textures on some airports on partail areas of aprons or taxiways, But not in any case. Sometimes it is not possible to start the SIM (after choosing a flight from the globe), especially in case of handcrafted airports. After flying from a not handcrafted airport to a not handcrafted or add-on-airport, it is not possible to switch of the SIM by pressing the “Quit to desktop”-button.

It happened again :disappointed: This time at KSEA

If you are flying mainly in the US, KDEN should be next. It is also handcrafted.
My last disaster was at EBBR.

Yep had this happen at KDEN and EBBR too, seems to be when DX12 is on and it also seems to happene when there is some kind of weather like rain or snow. Hope this helps get to the bottom of this :slight_smile: