Airport is discarded

I try to make an airport that is not in FS2020.
I fill in all the info. But when i Compile the airport, there is an error:
Did not find Airport in ICAO index list. AIRPORT EBBE IS DISCARDED.

What is wrong? Can’t you make anymore a new airport for FS2020? I’ve done before…

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I have the same problem. Airports I previously created won’t load now.

The same for me here. I have 6 airports in total, I got one to show again. But on another 2 airports I was unsucessfull. Its always discarded.

did you add the region it’s in? There are so many things that could be missing in the definition that MSFS requires it’s really hard to know what’s wrong.

To my knowledge this is a caching problem. I have recompiled all of my airports the last days and also recreated some of them with the new airport wizard. But still some didi not show up.

DELETING the sceneries from the content.xml however fixed this error instantly! It seems MSFS does rebuild the content.xml and puts missing sceneries back in.


I confirm that deleting (making a backup) of the content.xml file solved the issue on my side as well.
Thanks for the tip!

Hi, i have the same problem, where is the Content.xml located, i cant find it :slight_smile:

C:\Users<youruser>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Thank you it worked

Couldn’t find the file but when I ran the sim the air port I made (didn’t exist previously) was there even though I got the discarded error. Haven’t looked in dev mode to see if it complies now. Got 1.19.9 and dev 1.14.1.