Airport LFER causes MSFS to close

Hello: After installing LFER, purchased from the microsoft store, MFS closes. Do you know how to solve it?

LFER is bugged on my system

Yes it crashes, even if you delete SceneryIndexes folder so that it’s regenerated. But if you install it in game via Marketplace and just go there and start on a parking it works. Buildings are overlapping with Asobo’s default ones when you do that and anyway after next launch it crashes again.

Scenery builder log file does not drop any error. Maybe author just needs to recompile it using latest SDK. I just sent a mail to the author so hopefully he could check this.


ok. Thank youy

Unfortunatelly this still crashes after today´s GOTY patch. I was willing that the patch maybe allowed it to work but we had no luck.


Effectively. We have no solution to the problem for this.
If this is repeated, it will be necessary to think about acquiring products from the MFS2020 market

It seems solved. In the LFER folder, inside the Material ibs folder Change the Materials folder to LFER Materials.

Renaming the folder isn’t enough, you need to update the path references in layout.json to match the new path name.
As soon as you do this, the CTD on startup comes back, so unfortunately no workaround.

Yeap, that didn´t work in my case either. I still have CTD.


So, what can we do now?

Developer is aware of the problem as he replied to my bug report mail. But currently he is not available due to personal issues. As soon as he has access to the original files I hope this will be fixed, unless Asobo is able to adress the issue themselves, which I don´t know if it´s possible.


ok. we will wait

Hi. We are lucky as I think I found the error, and it´s also related to the ground services configuration. This solved it in my case:

  1. Delete the following file: \skytitude-airport-lfer-redon-bains\AirportServices\LFER\

This zip file should not be there (just the “Services.spb” file is the one that should be existing there).

  1. Delete from “layout.json” file de following block (notice that there´s a comma at the end):
      "path": "AirportServices/LFER/",
      "size": 699,
      "date": 132631406740238780

This prevents the game crash, LFER airport loads well and all ground services are still working in the other airports as well. I will send this info to the addon creator.


ok. perfect