Airport live traffic not working anymore, slow startup all related to server connectivity and teredo?

Hi All, FS2020 starts up in different way, much slower than before and this started a few weeks ago. First I didn’t bother and waited until the sim was started but a couple of days ago I wanted to use live traffic and noticed it didn’t work, the server always show offline. When I first got the sim and explored all its features late august this was working. I started investigating this issue and I do believe it must be server connecting issue, and I do believe all my problems are related (slow startup etc).
This is my experience:
When I launch the sim first nothing happens for 20sec then the screen goes black and a circle appears bottom right, but it’s not moving it freezes for 1 minute does a small spin and next the x-box window appears followed by asobo and blackshark AI splash screen. Next the screen freezes again for 1 minute on the trademark disclaimer. I’m pretty sure I didn’t have these delays in at the beginning and it looks like the sim is waiting for something and times-out? Why? When the sim is launched you can click on your gamertag icon and select a server, here you can select a server (in my case it is set to automatic). However in my case I cannot change it and it shows an infinite spinning circle (again that circle). I don’t know if this is by design, but I read somewhere you could change the server that provides your data in the sim so you should be able to change it, right? The sim is working fine regarding the streaming of the scenery but multiplay and live traffic doesn’t work.
So I’m wondering if this sim is using 2 kind of servers one for streaming and 1 for the multiplay/live data (air traffic, weather, multiplayer). For me this second part doesn’t work, no multiplayer, always clear skies using live weather all over the world, no live air traffic. Did something broke after the last patch from FS or Windows Anyone ideas?
I read something about teredo, in my case looking at x-box live multiplayer the NAT shows restricted (not open) and I cannot get it fixed I don’t know if this is related, maybe a windows patch broke something so xbox multiplay is not functioning properly anymore causing all related services in FS (weather, multiplay, live traffic) to fail? Could it?

Ok fixed it.
Deleting everything that has to do with Xbox seems to help. I used a powershell cmd to do this.
in elevated powershell Get-AppxPackage -allusers Xbox | Remove-AppxPackage

in elevated powershell Get-AppxPackage -allusers Xbox | foreach {Add-AppxPackage -register “$($_.InstallLocation)\appxmanifest.xml” -DisableDevelopmentMode}

After starting I got a new usa update (strange because I already got the 3 december update). Anyway I installed this one.
Something happened because when entering the FS globe, the planes were flying again, live airport info comes through (no longer server offline) and live weahter works again. I don’t know if this is a coincidence and installing the new update fixed everything or the xbox removal actually worked. Most important thing everything works again.

It’s been working fine all day for me. Suddenly, no live traffic at all this evening. The skies are lonely again…

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For me it’s still working so it is not a worldwide problem. Try to connect to another server (click your gamertag and try selecting another server). If the server shows “automatic” with a small spinning circle that keeps spinning forever, you may have exactly the same issue I had. If you have tried everything and are out of options try deleting/repairing xbox-services with the powershell command in my previous post. Good luck.

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Actually that’s what I did last night. Signing in / out of Xbox didn’t do anything. So I switched from US East (my default) and selected West instead. Traffic returned. I re-selected East for a sanity check, and traffic started showing up there as well.

Nice to hear you got it fixed :slight_smile:

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