Airport objects not removed; beacon tower and windsock

I’m sure it’s probably something I’m doing wrong. A quick summary of what I’m doing first:

I’m editing an airport to make it more accurate, an airport I did flight training at and one MSFS default AI gen kinda goofed up pretty bad. I watched a few YT videos and learned enough to get into trouble and have a mostly functioning airport built, but lots of minor tweaks still needed to be a finished product that frustrate me but I won’t get into here just yet as they are minor.

Biggest issue right now that breaks it is the original beacon tower and windsock won’t go away. My airport build is in place in the sim, I’ve dressed it up quite a bit with buildings in the proper places, the AI gen runway wasn’t correct, and so on. But one of the AI goofs is the beacon tower is smack in the middle of the taxiway and I put a new tower in an appropriate place, so now there are 2. Same with the windsock, put one in it’s proper location but the old one is still there.

At one point I had it gone, so I done something right at one time but now build and reload after reload it’s still there. I have both a polygon and rectangle entity to remove buildings. I removed a bunch of stuff in the airport properties but nothing seems to remove these particular objects. I didn’t have any trouble removing AI buildings in dumb places in the fields around the airport, so I know my exclusion boxes are working.

I have a few errors on build in the console I can share but since everything else is working I’m not sure those relate to these issues or not.

Thanks for any help, I’d love to be able to dress up some airports that hold significance to me for one reason or another. I’d also like to share them assuming I can get them to a good degree of quality, maybe not quite “hand crafted” but as accurate as possible with the scenery objects already present in MSFS and better than the AI gen for some of these small airfields.

Edit to add, it also appears the original fuel pump scenery is also sticking around, but it will disappear when I load the project, even though the current build is loaded in the community folder before I start in dev mode.

Use an exclusion rectangle and use the grab handles or arrows to resize it to just fit over the object you want deleted. Still can’t find a way to delete fuel pumps and ramp workers though.

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Thank you, however that is not effective and the reason for the thread. To double check I had not done this appropriately I added a few more exclusion rectangles tightly boxed over the beacon and windsock, re-built, re-loaded, and they don’t do anything to these objects.

They seem to work perfectly on autogen buildings and I used one large one over an area around the airport I know does not contain any non-airport buildings in real life to clean up a few that AI decided to scatter in there for some reason.

Good morning. Have you updated your SDK to the latest version? The exclusion triangles did not work until the latest SDK version which came out in the last week or so. The game update did not automatically update the SDK or it didn’t mine. I had to manually download and install the SDK to get it to update. I am not at my computer so I can’t tell you the latest version but make sure you have that and it should work. I am on my 4th airport and they are working for me after the SDK update.

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Thank you again, I think you may have narrowed my situation down!

I was not aware the SDK was a separate entity to maintain, so I’m currently in the process of downloading the update. I suspect this is my issue but I’ll report back once it finishes and I have an opportunity to test it.

So far no joy. The SDK update has not changed anything I can tell. The beacon and windsock still ignore the exclusion rectangle even after restarting my PC, several cycles of restarts of MSFS, and opening, closing and building the project.

Oof I’m a dunce.

I’ve been using the “rectangle” object and setting properties to “exclude buildings.”

I just now figured out the ExclusionRectangle is it’s own, separate, object.

Thanks for the assistance @ab353

Also @SlidHydra647449 I think I figured it out. You do have to do a build project and reload for it to appear as working.


so the 'exclude rectangle/ does what ? How is that different from a regular polygon and then ‘exclude all’ from the properties ?

ALso, any idea how to exclude that nasty unkept grass on the side of airport taxiways and aprons ?

Exclude Rectangle seems to be what gets rid of non auto generated objects.

Rectangle seems to be for autogen stuff, but also seems to have terraforming use perhaps?

I’m with you on the unkept grass. We need a polygon property called “mowed” that allows you to define areas that are not hay fields.

I also have the duplicate fuel pumps and silly airport workers walking around in the way all the time. Needs to be a way to define those or exclude them. No small county airport has 3-4 ramp staff wandering around.


I agree with you Airmapper. The airports that I am creating/redoing are all small airports and you are lucky to see a living person there at any given time. You will never see 3-4 guys with a tug waiting on you. I am leaving out the fuel parking points on my scenery just to get rid of the auto placed fuel stations. I hope they fix this in the near future so we can eliminate these.

To remove fuel pumps, you have to select the “Delete Taxiways” option in the Airport object. They are parking spots.

To remove ground crew and vehicles, you need to create at least a new Services.xml file, and you may want to look into the Living World Config sections of the Environment Section of the SDK.


I face a similar issue where placing a “hold short” point (or line) will autogen taxi signs next to the line. I tried to get rid of them using an exclusion rectangle, but so far no luck. Any ideas ?

It’s autogenning taxi signs now? Do you mean the physical signs or the signs on the pavement?

It sounds like you’re using the lines with hold short option, which paints markings on the ground? If you don’t want the painted signs, just use a hold short taxiway point, and don’t hide the marking.

I haven’t seen it place taxiway signs automatically yet.

Unfortunately I have the same issue at on airfield. The windsock doesn’t go away. I have deleted all stuff under airport. Set an exclusionrectangle, an polygon exclusion. but nothing happens.

To get the grass shorter you can simply paint an Apron object over it and put it on not drawn, then the grass is short.

Just a follow up on my issue: I found out that my problem was that in the airport properties (Scenery Editor > Airport ICAO (Your Airport Name) > right click > Properties) I had to tick deleteAlltaxiwaySigns. Otherwise I would still get the taxiway signs from the original scenery.

I’m not sure it’s 100% related to the topics issue, but I hope it helps anyways.


EDIT: Same solutions as @FlyingsCool5650 pointed out first in this thread.

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