Airport Scenery Jetways Issues

On all my airport scenery the jetways are upright or I have extra above them. This just started today, this has never been an issue.

must admit this looks kinda hilarious for certain extent :joy:
does this happen all the time after sim restart ?

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Is this an addon scenery?
What airport is this?

I’m not seeing it unless I’m blind…if you’re talking about the tall vertical towers, those are light towers IRL…this is KDFW (Dallas-Ft Worth Terminal E). The jetways seem to be in place where I see them in your picture.

If you have the addon scenery for this,
uninstall the default version from the Content Manager.

Default KDFW

Can you reproduce the issue constantly, if so, try emptying your rolling cache.

AS of today, the extra jetways are now gone. Everything looks normal at the airports I flew too today. :man_shrugging:

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Did you add or remove anything from your community folder in that timeframe?

I reinstalled the CJ4 Mod.

Thanks, no that wouldn’t have caused it .
It does sound like it may have been cache related.

I hope so… was getting worried. I hate starting over with new reinstalls. Thanks.

If it is setting related, most settings are kept “In the Cloud” and are put back in place with a re-install.
With this sim you seem to need to get to the bottom of the issue, as re-installs rarely help.

If it starts again let us know.
Someone here will have an answer!

Thanks so much… I am enjoying the sim.

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