Airport search doesn't work! History Stuck on 3 last random coordinates

It loks like on the picture. I must choose airport from the list, start flight and go back to main menu then everything works fine. When I restart PC the problem is back ;( That 3 history positions are custom(not i made them) departure points. I can find and delete them but it changes nothing ;/

Any idea how to fix that? Thanks.

Use the main ‘search’ to find airports - history search is as it’s name suggests - a search through airports/waypoints you’ve recently used.

I got the same issue yesterday.
I closed the sim… then it turns back correct…

Do you have some freeware (livery or add-on) installed and used during your last flight? Did you try to use FFS2Play or FSCloud (I used both during the flight before getting the issue)?

I cant say what cause the problem. I don’t have FFS2Play or FSCloud . I haven’t installed any addon before it. I was try to install and configure IVAO Pilot, maybe it was that… but I have uninstalled it and problem is still.

I have many addon airports and livery, A32NX, but many days after it there was no problem.

Every restart PC search doesn work! :confused: I need to choose airport from the list or manualy, start flight and go back to main menu then everything works fine.

Problem solved!!! I uninstalled the IVAO client but in community folder still was IVAO folder. After I removed it problem is gone!

So check your addons, maybe transfer few newest addon folders to the desktop and check FS.

I have IVAO Altitude installed :wink:
Thank You, (perhaps) we should report that to IVAO :wink: