Airport Terminal glass missing on many airports

hello, does anyone else run into this problem at default and modded airports? The windows are completely gone (these are default treminals). I have tried re-building my own freeware mods with the new sdk, and of course removing them and re-adding from community, but no luck.

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I was in Edinburgh Scotland earlier on Saturday. The terminal buildings just plain aren’t there ar all!!

I’m guessing that the servers just can’t handle the load and so we are seeing a load of missing streamed scenery elements.

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so went ahead and deleted my rollingcache, and i got my buildings back to normal. I hope this is a final solution, but if not, i’ll come back and report

Yup, that can glitch it for sure.

In my case however I have not used one for months and disabled the fuinction and deleted the cache which SU5 sneakily put back in place. And Edinburgh still wasn’t there.

yes, i noticed su5 put one on my c drive, so i wasn’t expecting that i’d have to look for one

KPSP and KSAN looked like this for me. Funny thing is its only the terminal that I am parked at, the others are fine…

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mine is the same, getting rally ■■■■■■ at this sim now

I often find it missing if I take off from my home airport.
But if I fly into it from another location, it looks complete with no missing sections.

Five days ago, I flied from Frankfurt EDDF (default FS airport) to Genoa LIMJ (also default FS airport).
EDDF glass panels were OK, but airbridges aren’t. There were gaps in them.
At LIMJ, no walls, no glass panels, only roof hovering in air and also airbridges are messed up.

In mean time I bought Drzewiecki Design Moscow UUEE, same thing like Genoa, but one part of airport is missing walls other doesn’t.

Today I loaded LIMJ again, everything is good, walls and glass are there in Moscow no difference, roof still hovering in air.

This issue continues in SU5 HF2.