Airport Updates

Probably a dumb newbie question but, I’m curious about the airport updates that show in my content manager. I know I can fly to/from those airports listed even if I haven’t downloaded them. Is this merely a patch for the airport info or more detailed info? Some of the downloads are quite large. I’m wondering what I get with the download.

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You get more detail, instead of generic autogen buildings if even there are buildings there they’ll be handcrafted structures that much better match the actual airport and possibly include updated info as well. It’s a no brainer, you want them. I guess if it’s somewhere you’ll never plan to fly to OR you’re planning to buy an even better detailed 3rd party rendering of the airport you could skip as well to save space.

@Snugdad welcome. As @HoloByteus says you get a 3D handcrafted airport, much better than a default airport. But I am maybe a bit confused because although they are listed in the Content Manager with a MIB size, as far as I understand they should all say UP TO DATE as they come automatically with the Sim. Cheers.

Thanks all, I was confused too. After successful install of core product I had to use content manager to get everything else (airplanes, flight training, challenges, etc.) Maybe the airports should have been installed from the beginning too. Thanks again for the quick responses.

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I gave a few examples on why you may not want to install them. If you have plans to buy a 3rd party Airport, why install the free one and waste valuable SSD space. Usually 3rd airport designers will Exclude any built in Airport data, even enhanced airports although it’s also possible they didn’t and you end up with conflicts with both sceneries appearing together. Until they fix that you can uninstall the included airport enhancement or just never install it in the first place. Making them optional is desirable, these things take up space and if you don’t want them, don’t install them. It doesn’t take long to amass a large collection of improved scenery and burn through GB’s of storage.