Airport UUEE Sheremetyevo more than 10 minutes to load

Hi pilots,
Anybody have the same issue?
Purchased from Orbx, but when selected, reach 10 minutes loading and I need to close the MSFS to get again with the sim. Can´t get into the airport.
I think is not freeze because the statistics from MSI Afterburner are working.
Any idea, or is a SU6 bug?
Is only with this airport my problem
Thanks a lot

Hi there! I’ve moved your topic into #third-party-addon-discussion:airports

The Bugs & Issues section of the forum is for default MSFS content only. You may also contact Orbx support to see if there’s an issue with the airport itself or related to MSFS.

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It’s a great airport, I got mine from just flight few weeks ago and I don’t have an issue.
It is pretty big airport and takes a while to load in but not 10min. Have you tried taking everything out of community folder bar that scenery.

Hi, I have solved the issue. It generated conflict with the free addon Moscow Landmarks 1 and 2. I had to uninstall that and also UUEE and reinstall only UUEE. Now load fast and the airport is fantastic

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That’s unfortunate ~ it would be nice to be able to use both DD Moskva paywares and the Landmarks freeware together. Hopefully whatever’s causing the issue gets cleared up in the near future :crossed_fingers:

@MilonRouge Hi, you can use the DD moscow Landmarks and the freeware both with no issue. The problem is when you add the DD UUEE Sheremetyevo airport. The freeware Landmarks #2 include 3 POI near the airport that generate issue (infinite load or CTD). So, the solution is install the Landmarks #2 except the folder with the 3 POI´s (the folder is named Moscow north).
With this fix you can enjoy both wonderfull Tiger´s and DD addons. (remember to restart PC when you add new addons)

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Ooh, thanks for the tip! I’m saving up for DD’s UUEE, so being able to have all of them working at the same time will be nice :slight_smile:

I am able to use both the moscow landmarks pack and UUEE at the same time with no issues.

I read in their forums that if one of these addons is from the marketplace, then they won’t be compatible with each other.

This airport is terribly optimised. I had this on Xbox and had texture loading problems and I never had any landmarks installed.

So I bought a pc and you think well surely I won’t suffer the same fate with a more powerful rig…wrong.

Don’t have texture problems but massive fps hit when taking off here. I know it’s a big airport but cmon, no other airport is doing this.

I use Orbx UUEE and Moscow landmarks with no problems what so ever, I bought them both direct from Orbx.