Airport wont load - maybe corrupt

Hi All.
Looking for some advice please as I can’t find anything on any forums or the Net.
I don’t know when this hapenned but I recently tried to load a flight at EGPH Edinburgh. Everytime the flight tries to start, within seconds the sim hangs. Task Manager hows very little resource being used and I end up having to kill the MSFS process. Other airports are fine.

Is there any way to fix / repair possible corrupt airports please, or does anyone know of similar issues and how to resolve?
Thanks guys.

This kind of behaviour can be due to a conflict with an addon. Have you tested with an empty community folder or even better starting in safe mode ?


Spot on ! Thanks for the great suggestion. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that :confused:
Emptied my Community folder and the sim loads. Now to find the conflict.
Amazing! Thanks


One tip for that if you have a lot is to keep halving.

Copy one half of your addons in to test, then remove those to copy in the other half. With any luck only one half will cause the issues, and you just removed a chunk of things to test.

Keep going till you find the culprit.