Airports missing in Alaska

The following airports are missing in Alaska:
PAWD Seward
PAVD Valdez
PAOR Northway

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This list could go and go. I hope this will get fixed with the USA update

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I wonder if the bus from "Into the Wild " is where it was or the data is new since the bus being removed.

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I would take “USA update” with a really tiny grain of salt. Think of how little was included in the Japan update and spread that across a country the size of the US.

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I landed at Valdez, I will see if I picked a different airport but the first two are very nice to fly in. I have been to Seward before

PALH Lake Hood Strip (here in the release version and missing since patch #2)

Do a zendesk report. Posting here won’t do anything productive.


already done for Valdez and Lake Hood (2 times, marked “Solved” each time)

That means that they evaluated it and put it on their internal bug tracker, so it’s “in the queue”. :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

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yes, probably for the World Update #2 USA

When patch with United States!

Here is something for Valdez, I’m planning on final release after Sim Update V, but meanwhile:

They been missing since launch, they havent even fixed the rivers and other water heights yet in Alaska, some rivers are raised higher then buildings it looks crazy, offcourse there are people that made fixes but we shouldnt need them

There are dozen of missing airports/airstrips in alaska.

This item was delivered as part of World Update 8 (

Please note that there are some problems for Seward (PAWD). A separate bug has been logged for this: