Airports unusable in snow

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Brief description of the issue:

recent use of Real Weather in trans-Canada winter flight has highlighted virtual impossibilty of finding a way around an airport when evenly covered with snow across the whole airport including aprons, taxiways and runways. Winter snow clearing of active surfaces is essential.

Reported to Zendesk

Maybe not realistic, but in this case I make use of the blue taxi-navigation arrows.

Realism is what we we aim for at all times when using MSFS and MS declared aim is to create a simulator not just a game. RW pilots make use of ground ATC where available, but commonly Airport charts to find their way around. Neither is a lot of use if unable to see what is an active surface and what is not.


There’s already an open wishlist item for this, I suggest you vote there:

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Maybe we can get devs to create snow plough ground vehicles that go clear it in real time. The passengers can then experience a realistic couple of hours delay at the gate while the clearing is going on. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


you know the atc instructions to go wwere, you can zoom in max on the ingame map
and make out the taxiways. thats how i do it, i dont like the blue arrows.


You’re joking but this is what we would need. I mean, if this is a simulator, Asobo should ‘just’ get their inspiration from real life to solve most of the snow issues.

  • Ground heat melts the snow
  • Plow trucks remove the snow
  • No snow if the temperature isn’t low enough

So based on this and the real weather and temperature we’re supposed to already have in game, Vancouver water would automatically be water instead of covered in snow like in real life at this time of the year, runways wouldn’t be covered in snow, etc.

On the paper it seems like an easy and obvious solution: Do everything like in real life and everything should be accurate. :slight_smile:

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