Airspeed indicator too static

Whenever I watch videos of people flying GA with steam gauges I see the airspeed indicator going all over the place (due to turbulence?). I feel like in MFS 2020 the airspeed indicator is pretty static and doesn’t move around as much. Am I imagining this?

Not in the TBM. When you fly through turbulences you can see the IAS jumping around sometimes.

It bounces around plenty for me in the sim. I wish they would turn down the turbulence sometimes, I get way more in sim than in the real world.

Yes, moves for me, and I agree with Yuudai.
Please don’t take this wrong, but do you have the weather turned on?
If not, that would be the reason.

Off topic, but interesting that this thread says exactly the opposite about turbulence. My experience is like yours though

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