AirTraffic Nameplate Range Slider

Please add a slider that adjusts the nameplate range so I don’t have to see literally every person flying within 200nm of me!

It would also be beneficial to have the customization similar to fsx where you could change the color and what was displayed (distance, tail #…etc)

When traffic labels are turned on, a sub-setting should appear to customise label distance i.e. show players within 10nm. Options to toggle various values to be displayed like air speed, distance, heading etc would also be good

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It should only be a matter of time until they add a feature in the UI to control at what radius other players nametags shall appear on your screen. Example; I run high graphic settings and appreciate the visual quality of my exterior view. This is great until so many very distant ( sometimes in excess of 100’s of kilometers), nametags appear as to block the scenery almost completely. Now I know you can just turn it off…but I can’t when me and a friend or two are flying together and we need to keep track of each other. The solution of course it to limit the radius of players displayed .