Alaska bush trip flight not correctly recorded in the logbook

Flights and hours are not recorded correctly in the logbook. Is it normal ? Despite I got the legs completed, each leg is recorded with the same airport for departure/arrival and hours are recorded 00:00. Only the1st leg was recorded correctly. Is tere a workaround ?

…same here!

And, is there no achievement, as in the other 3 bush trips?
Did they simply forgot that?

When the trip completes have you exited back to the activity screen? If you click continue it’s known (for all bush trips) to have logging issues.

Nope, no achievement for it.
Don’t think they forgot, they just decided to not add one.

Ensure dev mode is not enabled, or flights won’t be logged. There have been a few threads over the last months complaining about this, and in some of those cases, people were using dev mode to change time of day for the Alaska bush trip specifically. Or just flying around with dev mode running so they could see their fps.

Not saying it’s not bugged in your case, but just pointing out that this was an issue some people have had.

hm, not every time. but thats good to know for future trips. thanks!

ok, thats also very good to know! thanks!

This is still an issue. Just finished the last 6 legs of the Alaska trip, and the logbook only recorded the last leg of 33 minutes. Didn’t go back to the Bush Trip menu between the legc, only did Next Leg