Albacete Airport, Spain (LEAB) missing

Hello, any reason why Albacete, (LEAB) Spain Airport has totally disappeared? There are many others without more, but this one in particular is as if it did not exist, instead a large area of grass and bushes. Can someone tell me why?

It’s because it’s shared between a civilian and a military authority. Anything with military stuff is not depicted. More cases have topics about this in the forums.

Such airports are in FSX, though. They should be included.

LSMM is included. So they have Mil AFB inside :wink:

It could have to do with which ones are depicted in Bing Maps. LESA, for example, has a military part and it is in Bing. Same for LSMM. However, LEAB, LETO and LEZG are shared between a civilian and a military part and are not in Flight Simulator. It also happens with LEVD.

I’ve found a thread with a list of missing aerodromes and airports:

I can’t believe LEMG is missing. Ryanair virtual pilots are going to have a stroke. :astonished:

Hey there. Meanhwhile it is broad consensus that military use doesn’t really matter. The problem is the AI, which will omit any airport which is not completely and distinctively visible on Bing maps. Culprits can be partial cloud covers or aged data on Bing. Some airfields are heavily pixelated and apparently this concerns mainly facilities which may have been subject to some sort of secrecy (military ops for example) but in most cases, google maps data for these locations shows us that any such obligations are at least long gone.
There is no basis to speculate any further. If Bing maps doesn’t show an airfield, we won’t have it in MFSF. Only the guys at Bing maps can know the reason. And the obvious reason is that just too much stuff on Bing maps is blatantly outdated and need review and refreshment.

The problem is that there are some major shared civ/mil airports that are not included (LEMG) and alternates for bigger airports (LEVD can be an alternate for LEMD).

Hello everybody.

Well, it would be very interesting to know if someone is going to take the appropriate measures to correct these deficiencies. I see no reason why these airports are not visible if on the other hand they can be seen from google, what harm does it do that they can be seen in Mfs2020?
¿Someone taking over this pending project?
Greetings to all.

Thanks, but someone should take good note of this and provide solutions, airports that are also used as training and are very convenient for users cannot disappear.