Albuquerque Coronado Airport (4AC)

This is how the Coronado airport in Albuquerque looks like in my sim. No buildings, runway or taxi markings. I couldn’t even find the airport without going into active pause and scanning every inch with the drone cam.

Is this how it looks like in your sim or did something go wrong on my end?

I believe the airport has been closed since 2001. The “X” on the runway means runway is closed.
CORONADO AIRPORT A Project in Flight (

All the world data info in MSFS is coming from Bing Maps … so there we have this abandoned airfield looking exactly like in your sim screenshot …

So - nothing wrong with it. If someone (or yourself) would do the work and rebuild the old airport to be added as a mod, it will be back again … otherwise you won’t see this airport coming alive.

Ok, that makes sense then.

Thanks for the info.

The Coronado airport has been closed for many years. It is now Coronado Mall. The other airport near Albuquerque is Double Eagle (KAEG). West of KABQ.