Alien Trees Seattle

What can I say but… AHHHHHHHHH!

They are here.


maybe this is related to the problem of the tall building. If so, they said it was going to be fixed in the upcoming update. By update, I mean the real update, not the ‘news’ thing.

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Don’t see it on my end. May want to open a Zendesk with your hardware config and make sure that your drivers are updated and all that jazz.

After a restart it went away, but I just found it one of the more trippy bugs ive seen so far. This happened in the past a few times but never so colorful.

■■■■, wish I got it now.

what was cool was as you flew closer to it it expanded like some kind of dimensional vortex, and the colors separated from eachother in real time. I should have taken a video lol.


I actually have a stability test that I do every time I change settings or there is a new patch (after I fly around a bit).

I load up SeaTac airport (in a parked Cessna). Turn on drone cam and fly out so I can see the whole airport with Live Traffic, Weather and MP on. Kick back and relax and wait for a crash, periodically tooting around in a 152 to see if it causes any instability. I usually would get one about 30 mins in.

Other than that magic tree that popped up and is now gone - I seem to be getting far more stable performance and so far live traffic and MP are working well.