Aliens and London Eyes (plural)

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Not flown over London recently. Was surprised to see double London Eye returned (thanks, Orbx!) then, flying down Pall Mall towards Buckingham Palace I saw this Golden Alien on top of the Queen Victoria Memorial.

screenshot or it didn’t happen… :wink:


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Hm what is going on, did I miss something cool?
What happend, some golden alien and a London Eye, I don´t know what this means but something with aliens.
I thought only X-Plane has an UFO implemented into their sim when choosing that Learjet or Citation or whatever this private biz plane is, and going over 40.000ft? :smiley:
It was absolutely time for Flight Simulator 2020 to implement their own UFOs!

UFO´s are not superior to our planes, they just have different propulsion systems but the same good taste:

They wanted this awesome ´85 Firebird Trans-Am too after watching the Knight Rider seasons on Amazon Prime.


Oh ye of little faith…

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Just wanted to understand what you were talking about… :smile:

My topic was locked so I could not edit the original post, but I have solved the problem although don’t know why it happened. Orbx London scenery pack was running consecutively. It was in the community folder but also on another drive, (the choice available in the Orbx download app). I deleted the copy on the other drive and now back to normal. Bonus was an increase in FPS and the photogrammetry was much improved.

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