All 4 seasons

just a quick question .

here in the UK autumn (fall in USA) has arrived , do the trees etc change colour ? and when snow arrives i take it we start to see that

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Unfortunately they announced early on that there wouldn’t be “seasons” for some time. They want to be able to do it right, and given their current workload, I doubt it’s in the immediate future. But does give us something to look forward to…

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They can implement weather, satellite imaging, but not seasonal changes? Hmmm, I have a suggestion. take more frequent satellite images as the seasons change and impose it into the sim.

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I wouldn’t expect to see seasons any time soon. I’m sure we’ll get there some day, but not soon. They have far too many irons in the fire at the moment that need more immediate attention.

Its not that easy. The ground textures present an obvious problem with seasons for a start.

So I take it’s more to the graphics than just satellite overlay?

Sorry! No seasons but in the fall the game crashes more!

Sorry, I couldn’t help it… Ready for the community flagging.

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If they do winter for example with leafless trees and those same trees are sitting over ground textures showing summer trees in full leaf, its going to look shoddy. They may just except it as a limitation but I think it looked terrible in FS9 and FSX and I suspect Asobo agree hence not bothering with seasons so far. Orbx did not bother with season either in their TE series either. At the end of the day having 4 different tree textures for seasons isnt difficult but ground textures are a real headache.

Problem with this suggestion, is that satellite imagery is best taken in the summer months, when there is a greater chance for cloudless skies. Then they need to create foliage that reflects the seasons and then they need to create zones in the world where there is an autumnal appearance, etc…

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Sounds really complicated. So to implement seasons is going to be a really big challenge so it seems. If they can master this task, they should be given a parade and a big bonus…lol

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May I suggest you take a visit to Oshkosh where the imagery was taken towards the end of winter with frozen water and snow in fields lol.

It’s already a bit of a drag flying around Wisconsin in fall, winter is going to be a real killer if I’m flying around here when we have a foot of snow on the ground with green in-game as far as the eye can see. I do understand the limitations and hope they come up with something in the future. For now, I think I’ll have to fly south for the winter.