All achievement history, binds etc. lost on windows install!

Can someone please help here. I reinstalled windows and to my horror after reinstalling MSFS, all my training, flight scores, etc. as well as all my controller bindings have disappeared.
I have a backup of the AppData/Local/Packages folder.
Any advice really appreciated!
I thought this was all stored in the cloud.

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OK, so my control bindings are still there, and so is my log history, BUT there are no achievements, e.g. landing, training scores, etc.

Is Not Cloud Saved= Everything under Activities:
Landing Challenges, Training, Reno Race Scores(need to confirm this but 99% sure), Maverick, etc.

General Options & Assistance Options are Not Saved.

Is Saved= Everything under Profile:
Log Book, Statistics/Achievements, Log Book, Owned Content Manager Items,
and any X-Box Achievements.

Controls Options are saved.

If I remember correctly, there is an article in Zendesk describing all of this, you could look through there also. I had this one handy- Bush Trip progression is saved locally only Zendesk Info.