All aircraft appended with "Heavy" after latest "Update"

MS Store Version.
Does someone know the config file where this can be changed?

Just change it in livery customisation where you append the tail number.
It is ticked as Heavy there.

As above, you can set the “heavy” tag in the plane customisation menu. It used to default to off, now it seems to default to on. That’s the only change. Once you’ve turned it off it’ll probably stay off until you turn it on again.

Game doesn’t save tail number and heavy checkbox. Every time you launch the Sim the text boxes are empty again.


Does for me. I entered it once and it has remained the same for every flight, even when I change aircraft.

Does not save either for me.

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The customization menu has back tracked for me. As I’m typing my tail number, flight number and callsign, the fields I have typed something in will clear themselves. Same thing with the “heavy” option, it will just reset itself to on while still on that screen. Nothing will stay in the fields I type in. Completely broken for me.


Same issue on xbox. Enter a call sign, set “heavy” and “tail number” to off, leave the menu and go back into it and all entries are back to their default, ie: no callsign, “heavy” and “tail number” are ticked.

this situation is confirmed on my pc

Yes agreed same on PC but the ATC narrative does not append “Heavy” in their dialogue to light aircraft so it is doing nothing.

I came here to report this.

  • every reboot all fileds are empty.
  • it clear while typing (this was happening also before this last update)

Me too - and it is so annoying to have to redo every setting of that kind every flight. MSFS remembers the last aircraft you flew and if that was a GA, then no way do you want to go through the palaver of re-entering your usual options.

That’s almost as if MS are pandering to those wannabee tube pilots :wink: who only ever want to fly heavy metal.

Oh yes - PC