All configuration for T Flight Hotas Suddenly gone

I am wondering if anybody encountered the same issue. Just started MSFS to find that all of the inputs for MSFS from my joystick have been magically unassigned on the default profile. It’s really frustrating having to reconfigure every single axis and button. Anybody encountered this?

Did you by any chance plug in your controller while MSFS was already started?

When it initially didn’t work I disconnected it and reconnected it whilst MSFS was running. I did this before I noticed that configuration was gone.

I’ve had that happen to me a few times in the past with my old X56, my Honeycomb yoke, and several times with my Xbox controller. To me, it’s only ever happened if I plug in the device after MSFS is already started. It doesn’t just switch over to the default profile. It overwrites your custom profile with default profile inputs.

I’m actually fine with the default as I never changed it. The problem is that the default now seems to be “nothing does anything”. I tried creating a new profile with default settings and it also seems to be empty.

Well that’s just messed up. :confused:

I have a yoke and a thrustmaster airbus stick, so I have two profiles per controller (one with axes assigned and one without) so I can choose which one to use depending on the plane I fly.

Last week all profiles were missing the axes!
Go figure.

Luckily I am following protocol and check flight controls before taxi :wink:

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I wonder if it’s possible to back it all up so you can just replace the files if something goes wrong.

Your settings are stored in the cloud. But there is a temp folder where things are stored on your end, and it’s different depending on whether you’re on the MS Store version or Steam. I’m on Steam, but don’t remember offhand where it is exactly. I do know it’s in the Steam library folder somewhere though. I don’t know where it is for the MS Store version, or if it’s even stored locally at all.

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I’ll take a look when it get the chance. I have Steam version too

You can’t change the ‘default’ profile.
As soon as you make a change it prompts you to save a new profile.

It looks like my default profile may be broken then as it contains no settings at all… Everything is cleared.

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