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Hello folks, i must say im so confused on How,where,and what to do.
When I first installed the sim it took 9 hours, no problem.
Everything was working fine, the plane tbm 930 was the favorite.
I downloaded the mod tbm 930 so that the doors would open and extra stuff.
All was good. then i decided to down load some tbm repaints from nexus.
The repaints were great but everything else stopped working . the mod showed only the plane and not the cockpit.
it even bogged down the whole sim.
I decided then to delete all files and anything associated with MSFS.
So On steam i deleted MSFS, and re-downloaded the sim and waited 10 hours for it to reload.
But from that point on , I could not get the Mod tbm-930 to work from that moment on.
Im sort of bewildered on where to go next.
I can see there was a huge up date in MSFS, but I have no idea what to do at this point.
What am I missing.
I download the mod app, from GitHub site , unzip it and put it in the Steam Library/community folder .
and now it does not even recognize it. Also i went profile/ manage files and it says its not downloaded, i select it and still nothing.
What is going on?
I just want to get back to the sim, MSFS has made it difficult to work with.
The Mod Tbm-930 mod worked before flawlessly, and now I get all these new problems.
I’m told i need to update, do this and do that.
Can someone with knowledgeable advice get me to where i need to be?
All im wanting to do is get back to the sim.
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I don’t know about that specific mod but many mods do not work since the SU5 update.
I would suggest you uninstall all mods and wait until the mod creators produce some updates that are compatible with the latest version of MSFS.

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