All digital displays are black

Hi guys!

All dig. displays are black after the second start of the sim after the update! Using no mods(empty Community folder)
Any ideas?


may sound silly but did you start cold & dark and forgot to switch avionics/battery on?

Same problem here, even with start on the runway and batteries on! Help

By black do you mean nothing on them, or a black background?

I suffered the latter, thought maybe there was something to change on the G1000 but no joy. It all still works okay but doesn’t look as nice.

But I’d downloaded a G1000 fix into the Community Folder and after other problems with CF content I thought it may have been corrupted. As it happens a new release for the G1000 was issued shortly after the update so I’ve installed that,.

But haven’t had time yet to try it out (some of us unfortunately have other commitments and can’t spend all their time “playing games” as SWMBO tells me!

I haven’t downloaded the fix for the G1000 mod yet, but I removed the old version from the community folder and that worked.

Hmmm. Still only got the black background, must have a mooch around the settings, some of which got changed in the #5 update.

I’ve now tested with the updated version of the G1000 mod in the Community folder, and it works perfectly.

I looked around the settings when I originally had the problem, and didn’t find anything relevant. There is a “Terrain” button on the MCDU::map menu, but that seems to be permanently off. And there is a brightness control for the display backgrounds in the Cessna 172 (and probably in the others), but it never makes the screen completely black (now that I’ve got it working).

So goodness knows why yours isn’t working.

Thanks guys!

I deleted all files in the OneStore folder with “asobo-vcockpits-instruments” in its name,
and let them rebuild on restart the sim.Everything is fine now.


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All okay now. I deleted the file and reloaded it but this time changing the filename so that it loads first to ensure nothing else affects it. Working fine, just tried a couple of legs on the Japan Tour - excellent!

Thanks for your efforts