All kinds of problems over the last few days

hey guys,

I’ve been playing fine over the last year, then the last few days, everything went to ■■■■. I can log in just fine, but after that, everything goes south. Sometimes I get low bandwidth errors, unable to load photogrammetry errors, warnings that I have to play in offline mode, etc., but when I check my internet connection, I consistently get 95mbps download, 25mbps upload.

When I go to the world map and zoom in, I no longer get any map data. I used to be able to zoom in to the street level; now it’s just a green or brown blurry blob. On the odd chance that I can start a flight, I’m just flying over patches of green, brown and grey, with the occasional building - and that’s flying over NYC. If I do a discovery flight, it loads up to about 75%, then hangs there. I’ve done a complete uninstall and fresh install with no change.

I once had the google map mod, didn’t see any improvement, and deleted it. I was able to play after that. I’ve tried looking for remnants of it, as some people reported similar problems to mine, after downloading, but I can’t find anything.

I need some help here guys - I have the super-duper deluxe version (whatever the top tier was called), that I purchased from steam, over a year ago.

Your symptoms are indicating that you may not have uninstalled that map mod correctly, which is why it is banned from being discussed in these forums.
It causes these issues.
Did you use the addon’s uninstaller?

If not, you need to remove the Window’s Host File
c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc, remove host file, and restart pc


That was it! Absolutely brilliant! Thanks mate :sunglasses: