All Marketplace Addons Uninstalled Themselves After CTD

I’m currently running MSFS on XCloud (because XBox One/potato PC) and just had yet another CTD, this time with the Carenado PC12.
When I reloaded the sim, I noticed that ALL of the World Updates along with ALL of my installed 3rd party addons (approx. 45 gigs in all) had somehow uninstalled themselves.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the 1st time this has happened, and the somehow 2nd time this happened when getting a CTD using the PC12.
Yes, I get it. I’m using XCloud for FS and probably shouldn’t be surprised.
However this is absolutely infuriating to constantly have to re-download all of my 3rd party content.
Anyone else encounter this or something like it?

Is the cloud version supposed to remember what addons you downloaded? I only used it a few times but I thought you had to download them every time.

Luckily, that’s been the case for as long as I’ve been using the XCloud version anyway. I probably wouldn’t have bought anything from the Marketplace if I was forced to re-install 45 gigs of 3PC every time I’d want to fly. So I’m thankful for that at least.
In this instance though, I’m guessing there’s a litany of things that could possibly cause these downloads to uninstall themselves.
I’ve made several attempts at closing the Gamepass app on my PC and then ending all associated background processes before restarting the sim, but to no avail. I’m wondering if getting close to the Xcloud storage limit of 50 gigs causes some sort of glitch which a CTD wipes everything. Who knows.
Anyway, don’t get me wrong - the ability to use MSFS on literally any platform without the need of a physical XBox is awesome. But I do know(and have accepted) that it ain’t perfect