All Modders / Developers - Naming Standards - Community folder

It would be nice if all modders / developers would get on the same page, and start using a standard naming convention, I’ve noticed a few have started to do this. But it would be nice if everyone got on the same page. It would help to keep things a lot more organized in the Community Folder. This way all airports would be grouped together, scenery, liveries, utilities, etc.
File / folder standard names:

Airports = airport-the name-ID
airport-machmell- cby2

Scenery = scenery-the name

Liveries = liveries-aircraft name

Utility = utility-the name


zip foldernames are ■■■■ and even they are ■■■■, you need them in case of updates … however feel free to change the unzipped foldername as you wish; it won’t harm the mod. Use modmanager MMMSFS -v0.41 by Nathan Vaughn and your wishes are fulfilled.
Our manual solution:

Don’t ask my why, but some mods will not work / show-up if the folder name is changed. I had a couple of airfields disappear after I renamed them.

Show me a screenshot