All my addons are gone

There you have it, new updates, new problems.
This time, no more purchased or free addons appear in the simulation, as much the landscapes, the planes (Pilatus PC6, Electra, MMM 326, etc …), the liveries, and all the rest. Everything has disappeared. As if the community folder was no longer linked to the rest of the sim. Only things purchased from the Marketplace appear. At first I thought that Addons Linker was not working correctly, but after research, what I physically put in the Community folder does not appear either. Has anyone ever had this problem?

The sim is probably pointing to a different community folder than the one you’re using. You just need to find out where it is, and move your community mods to there.

(part of the reason why I don’t like custom installation path, in any game. I always install them to default path everytime)

UserCfg.opt file - the last line shows where your Packages are currently installed. Inside are the Official and Community directories.

Thank you. I found a new community folder hidden on my hard drive, and it’s the right one. The update made me create a new one, leaving the old one as is.
Lost a lot of hours and hair for something illogical in everyone’s mind, but logical in Asobo.

yes…agree with this last comment. I’ve had no problems, and I think this may be a contributing reason at least.