All of my aircraft vanished after latest update

as you can see i have lost all of my aircraft when i reinstalled the game because the game was unable to launch. I tried to repair it and finally i uninstalled and reinstalled it . After the installation my planes are not in the hangar, any ideas plz to solve this issue?

Go to the content manager and redownload them.

Although I have all the planes but none of them are working properly. So two planes , twenty planes or two hundred planes are no difference.

unfortunately my content manager is empty and it is stragling to refresh.

Thank you sir that seems to work after 3 or 4 attemts

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Have you searched for a solution or at least read and tried the solution in “Known issues”?

pls search before posting.


I have a similar problem. A5 Icon disappeared. In the Content manager, it is present. In Sim it is not. Any ideas?

Here are the screenshots. After clicking on “Dependencies” I receive a message the game does not match the current version

I solved the problem by removing the custom liveries from the community folder.
Тhanks to all.

Move all your communtiy folder addons to another file , restart game. content manager should work. Once you have done what you needed to do you can move them back in to the communtiy folder. Generally, if there are issues with the game, you should try removing any addons / mods you have and see if the issue still persists.

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