All of my Carenado aircraft from the Store ctd with Dx12

Can anyone else run any Carenado planes from the store in Dx12 without lockup and CTD? Can we expect an update for these aircraft or hotfix from Asobo any time soon or just stick using Dx11?

Yes Dx12 is beta, but it has to be with these planes as all my other planes work fine. Also rolled back the Nvidia drivers because of the 479.09 issues… Just wish we had some sort of announcement or acknowledgements of the faults from either Carenado or Asobo, Microsoft…

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Can confirm my Seneca V causes CTD when DX12 selected.

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I expect Carenado and Asobo don’t know everything that can go with DX12 and thus can’t announce anything. It’s literally the purpose or a BETA to find out stuff, gather data and then continue development. To expect anything else or even an announcement goes against the whole concept. If you decide to use a BETA function it’s YOUR duty to report to them not the other way round.
So please log it via Zendesk and switch back to DX11


Isn’t that BETA?

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But what if every single aircraft didn’t work with Dx12, what would be the point of having a beta test.
I have 4 aircraft that I have from the store that have paid for that do not even work in Dx12.

Another way of looking at it is what sort of beta is it when you can only use certain aircraft.

I didn’t sign up to beta test anything and no warning was given when I purchased these aircraft from the store that they would be excluded from future updates due to incompatible.

You opted into the beta by selecting an option clesrly labeled as such. The point of the beta is to find this exact type of problem and now either Carenado or Asobo can fix it depending on the root cause.

In the meantime you can simply select the non-beta DX11 option and everything will work fine again.


Thanks for stating the obvious, I clearly know it says Dx12 Beta, and what I may encounter by clicking so… I have also selected Dx11 in the meantime as this is the only option that works with those aircraft.

Thank you for replying but it would have been nice to include these aircraft with an update along with SU7, don’t want to go around in circles here but thats my point really.

I dont get folks around here, all the devs said was they enabled DX12, they’re gonna need to do some coding on the game engine itself to see any benefits of it. The way it stands right now, is that the game makes a call and then DX12 reads the DX11 call and uses that. Until they make the game actual DX12 you very unlikely to see much benefit to using it.

Same here, all worked well apart from my PA44 CTD as soon as clicking the ‘Fly’ button. Revert back to DX11 and all ok again.

Asobo specifically said that:

  1. DX12 is in there as a beta feature, to help them find bugs.
  2. It will not increase performance much, if it all. In fact, it might decrease it
  3. There WILL be bugs. Please report them through Zendesk so they can improve the code
  4. Eventually, they expect they will find ways to improve performance and add features with DX12, sometime next year possibly

Given that everyone’s machines and setups are different, it’s going to take some time to work out the issues.