All planes gone but 2 after Japan and latest update 09/30/20

Well, I just updated my msfs 2020 to the latest patch and put on the japan scenery and now i only have 2 planes the 152 and the 930 listed. I did put the patch in a directory other than the c drive which I thought didn’t matter. I had bought the highest deluxe version and the carenado 182 but they are not there.
This is a REAL bummer.
What to do.

Check the content manager

What am I looking for, looked at it and there is a lot there and it says I have all the things I bought but they are not there on running the program.

Says I have all the stuff I bought in the content library on my pc but it is not showing in the game.

Refer to the known issues link at the top of the website, literally the first thing mentioned under installation. :+1:

Wow, “don’t touch it, you’ll break it”. I will try to reinstall this stuff, don’t have a lot of confidence in getting it back but willt ry.

can i uninstall just what i installed today???

looks like all i had to do was delete the folders i put the update in, find the folders on the C drive, found resources on internet"Developers"%20which%20you,be%20found%20under%20"Watched%20Bases"
that pointed me in the right direction. Reinstalled the update and japan scenery and looks like is working.

Known issues:

Solution is here

thank you.