All planes pull to the left while taxiing

Hey Community

I hope someone can help me with my problem

When taxiing and taking off, all my planes suddenly pull to the left.
Sometimes unexpected, but always. No matter if 0 wind or 10 knots cross wind.

I have everything off in the settings for assistance,
except the rudder control, as I have no pedals (I’m sitting in a wheelchair for 4 Months)

I am currently using the T Flight Stick X, from Thrustmaster.
With this I can control the rudder by turning the joystick.

I tried with Honeycomb Alpha as a trial, and oddly enough, it appears there too.

Does anyone else have the same problem?

What I’ve been doing so far is.

  • Tried different USB ports
  • Current drivers installed
  • Calibration (also ran without problems).
  • I even tried to start without the joystick and only with the keyboard, the problem still occurs.
  • Checks whether the joystick moves by itself, but that is not the case, all axes stand still when I look under control units and properties. (Windows, Settings, Devices and Printer, Rightklick on the Joystick)

I’m slowly at a loss …

I dont use a USB Port or somthing, i connect direct to the USB of my PC.

I’m happy for every helpful tip

Greets JazzSam

do you have the simulation set to legacy or modern ?

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If you look at the rudder pedals in the cockpit, are they centered?
Does this happen immediately when you start taxiing?
Try to switch keyboard and mouse to default profiles to rule out the case of a conflicting mapping.

@JazzSam 4 years for me. Could be permanent, but there’s a chance it may not be. But I’m mostly bed bound, just being in my chair causes a lot of pain that meds don’t control. So I built a flight sim nest to go around me!

And here is a link to a short video that shows more detail about what I have to the right of what’s in that image. My camera is not wide-angle enough to capture the whole scene.!Agjs4q22lK4ejMQK1fNXBkuFRxkWAQ?e=4fyjxs

Same deal, except I use the t.16000m, also from Thrustmaster. I, too use it for rudder control since I can’t use pedals just like you.

It depends on exactly what you mean by problem. As you mentioned, cross winds can (and do!) have an effect. But what you might be feeling is a natural tendency of an aircraft, particularly a propeller driven single, to drift left due to factors called torque and p-factor. Having the rudder assist controls on will help that, but not completely eliminate it.

If that is what you’re dealing with, it’s completely normal, and happens to everyone, both in the sim and in real life. You have to constantly be applying small amounts of right rudder to compensate for that. You can’t expect to just taxi in a straight line without some rudder compensation.

If, however, you’re talking about sudden, violent jerks to the left, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help because I’ve never experienced such a thing, except when I occasionally run into a flaw in the surface I’m taxiing on, whether it’s a bug or an accurate representation of reality. Hopefully, some of the other posters that have made suggestions will have discovered a fix for you, or if not, maybe a future one will.

But like I said, you can’t expect to just go in a straight line with your hands completely off the controls, even in a twin engine airliner that doesn’t experience torque or p-factor.

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THX for all the Answers…

Yes is set to modern, I have never changed anything about this setting.

Yes, they are Centered

Exactly, and regardless of the speed …

I’ve already tried that … forgot to mention it sorry.

My brother is a flight instructor, unfortunately I see him very seldom because we live in 2 different countries. He in the USA, I in our home country Switzerland. I have to ask him if that is so blatant in the RL.

I know that only too well, and then the side effects of our ‘‘dear’’ Medis :unamused:
I got it from a back surgery that went wrong …nut thats a other Story :wink:

Yes, that’s how it feels, mostly when I don’t steer hard against it, I miss the runway
Sometimes there are real Hits from the right …

@JazzSam And I got it from abdominal surgery that went wrong. I’m starting to think that surgery in general is a really, really bad idea. But if you spend a lot of time in bed like I do, look at the video of my setup, and try to build it yourself.

I can’t generalize, my wife had 2 surgeries and both were successful. Sometimes we have just unlucky, without surgery I would feel much worse now. I still hope that you can go again someday. Quality of life suffers a lot under such circumstances, doesn’t it!?!

I am completely satisfied with my setup, with you it would take up too much space for me personally. But this is about the tax problem, not our setup ;).

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This is a normal effect of a propeller driven aircraft. It is called p-factor. The down going propeller blade creates more thrust/lift than the up going blade. Therefore you will have a thrust force that is not centered and is slightly to the right for a clock wise rotating prop. This is more evident when the airplane is in take off run and climbing and you can balance it by pressing the right rudder.
Other forces that affects the airplane are torque effect and slipstream effect but they are not as evident as the P-factor.

Interesting topic. I do experience this in the prop plane and do get those violent left jerks. I fight the rudder pedals to keep it straight on take off, landing, and taxiing. I find most of the screwups I have are on the ground and not taxiing well enough.

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Thanks a lot for your Feedback… @MultiplePie8110

Just strange that I also have it with the CJ4, as well as the CRJ.
I’m really at a loss, it started sometime after one of the SimUpdates …

How i say before, my Brother is a Flight instructor and will soon be visiting me in Switzerland.
I’ll let him fly and see what he thinks about it.
Whether that’s realistic or whether I really have a peripheral problem…

A useful summary:

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In my case, it’s more punches than pulls … hard to explain. But can live with it.

thanks for the link

When I get this tendancy it’s always because my rudder control has drifted to the left a bit and I have to recenter and recalibrate the controls.

THX…but my Stick is perfect calibrated.

Can’t help you then. Will be interesting to find out what the problem turns out to be.

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No problem, but thank you very much for trying to help me :slight_smile:

Will come back when I know more. Thank you all…

I’ve tried a lot over the past few days and looked for the error.
For me it is definitely NOT the P-factor because it occurs too irregularly.
In addition, I have set the rudder tax assistance under the support to On.

I have now seen under control that the white point on the L-axis (left & right) always trembles slightly.
For me a really complicated topic, especially when it comes to depth, I mean the MSFS sensitivity settings …

I am now wondering if my joystick is broken, because it wasn’t like that before.
Is there a page somewhere where you can see the optimal settings for the T-Flight Stick X.?

I’m really thinking about whether a new one can fix the problem …

Go to:
Devices and Printers (right of screen)
Right click your Controller
Game Controller Settings

See what the controller is doing there on Windows 10.

In windows 10, everything seems ok, all axes stand still.

Only in the MSFS does the white point on the L axis seem to be moving slightly.

What are your deadzones? Should be at least 2%. On older joysticks >10% might be necessary.

With your stick, which is similar to my T16000M, I’d suggest a sensitivity setting of ~ -25 to -50% for realistic aircraft response/handling.
I’m using -33% on all axes.