All sales are final

I received a full refund from the Microsoft in game marketplace for the BT Studio King Air C90. This was done very quickly and efficiently through my Xbox live Microsoft account tied to my Xbox. Refunded within an hour or so.

This aircraft is still available to me to download into my library from the content manager. Although I wouldn’t fly it again, as I no longer own it, there seems to be no physical restrictions to stop me from doing so.

Also, I have no option available in the marketplace to re-purchase it again if the developer ever decided to fix all the broken things. My Microsoft marketplace still shows that aircraft status as owned.

BT Studio King Air C90 Refund

Because refunds are easy to do when you have the whole system/launcher.
It’s weird you still can download it, i guess they just haven’t revoked the license that’s all. It’s still yours thus you can’t re-buy it.
But even when it’s removed completely just be smart, don’t rebuy it lol
Btw you should inform asobo about that.

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And the Xbox game pass subscribers are more likely to fork out a few pounds for some addons, but I doubt it for the higher priced items if they don’t own a copy of the game.

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Exactly. If the price is low enough, fun things will sell like hot cakes.

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