All Settings Lost. Reset to Default

I have a computer that is dedicated to MSFS…nothing else except WIN10. Two days ago I had an uneventful flight, as usual. Less than 24 hours later when starting MSFS it installed a 414Mb (?) update and then began asking me questions on Accessibility options, whether I wanted to use internet satellite data, that my computer was capable of Ultra settings, and even that it found 8 new controllers (the same ones I’ve been using for 2 years) and that it would load default parameters for all 8. When it finally started, ALL of my meticulously tweaked settings had been reverted to default, as if I was starting the sim for the first time. The ONLY settings that it remembered (but didn’t load) were the controller settings that I use with Spad.Next (which are basically blank placeholders devoid of all parameters) so I had to reset them. Now my sim performs horribly when 24 hrs earlier it was smooth as butter. How could this happen? I though all of my settings were stored in the cloud under my MS username which is why you must be logged-in to even start the sim? (And yes, I did check…I was still logged into my account at boot up). Any thoughts on this one? Thank you.


Interestingly it happened to me today as well from nowhere, getting real tired of this neverending bugs asobo don’t even comment nor tries to do something about… instead they release half-baked aircraft and unnecessary sceneries over and over again…

It’s so frustrating. Now I can’t even use the sim anymore. I don’t have the time or energy to input all the details again. And why? I didn’t add anything. I didn’t change anything. I did nothing but shutdown one day and restart another. That’s it. None of us is immune. That’s what’s so scary.

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It sounds like the cloud save has been corrupted or desynced.

If you shutdown by using the top right windows close this can happen, or a crash.
To keep the cloud saves in synch you need to shut down using the bottom left exit button.

I’ve had it desynch once due to using the top right exit method.
Steam may also need to synch, if you’re on that, so be aware if you are using a VPN as that can sometimes intefere with the process too.

See Corrupted cloud save or similar threads.

Why on earth does it need to sync to the cloud on startup anyway? And why would it ever completely wipe clean my cloud configuration? It shouldn’t ever destroy it in self-destruct mode. It should just “not sync”. Why can’t there just be a config file stored somewhere on my computer that I could at least backup and save elsewhere in case it got corrupted? Oh, right, the cloud is much safer for your data than a personal HDD. Sure. This is why I save NOTHING remotely. Only locally or in our safe deposit box.

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I didn’t write it, can’t answer that.

Read some issues/solutions here, and file a ticket.✓&query=save+file

Hello this has happened to me today, is any solution nowadays?

This bug sucks, they have to do something btw im in the microsoft version