All settings on/maxed but block trees?

Like title says just for funnzies, ok to see if I can turn these block trees into real trees, I turned on and maxed all graphic settings and nothing changed…

Tech talk
So hey guys I have these random block trees that are here and there, I took this pic because its not moving so gpu loading should in theory be largely irrelevant

To prove said point I lowered the resolution size from 200 → 100 (aka 1440 my monitor)
If i cap the frames at 30fps (not pic) then my gpu will decrease to ~90%
Vram is not capped in either pic, ( significant less at 100 resolution

Everything else in the build cpu, ram, m.2, is not even phased by the sim and leaves heaps of overhead!
Stock Sim

So does anyone know why I have block trees and any way to change them or any similar experiences will definitely aid the realism of the sim.

Id much rather trade cloud quality for trees, I just turn them clouds off… .02


All maxed

All maxed (100 resolution

Is this in a photogrammetry area? If so that is normal and non of the settings will fix it only way is to manually remove them using the SDK and the terraforming tool.

It’s caused by the satellite imagery picking up on the tree’s and is a tedious thing to fix without making everything completely flat.
I doubt the devs are gonna go fix all these blob tree’s around the world, only hope is that they can possible make the ai remove the satellite imagery tree’s and have it replace them with game tree’s.


That’s photogrammetry and it’s been like that since day 1, last August unfortunately.

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Where is the screenshot taken ?

I still see them but not very often. I think other places are worse that others so not sure we can do anything about it because they have been there since day 1 but much fewer now

Pretty much most of New England is like this…

thanks for your guys input, its nice knowing im not alone with this situation!
I feel kinda silly cause I thought upgrading my graphics card would fix issues like these…

Unfortunately I dont know enough about FS2020 to say if its a photogrammetry area so ill take the other guys word for it, im a pilot not a computer programmer haha seeing some folks on here i feel like you guys work for the company.

I have to say i am curious about “SDK and the terraforming tool” since this photo’d area is a single row maybe i could just delete?

but it sounds like theres 2 types of trees, speaking of trees is there a way to reduce them, im in a pretty urban area and the roads are almost covered by trees. It really looks like the city is in a forest like some sort of city forest?