All Seychelles airports are missing

Seychelles airports are missing

An exotic place like this should have been in MSFS from the start.

[Moderator note: List of airports in Seychelles. Frégate Island is the only Seychelles airport in the sim.]

The Seychelles are completly missing! I spent 6 months working there (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) and was looking forward to flying around the islands but hey are not there. A search for FSIA comes back blank. The FS team could do a brilliant job on them.

  • the Seychelles are not completely missing, they are there. You are correct that there is no airport other than private island Fregate though.
  • however, they don’t look good in-game, notably because the Bing imagery is not optimal there (many clouds)

I saw, maybe on Reddit or Discord, that there is a freeware group out there building missing airports. The Seychelles is one of them.
Sorry I can’t remember the link but search the forum for Seychelles and you should find it.


Thanks to all - I appreciate the help.

As a temporary workaround

Has anyone noticed that the Seychelles and FSIA are missing entirely? This is a significantly challenging approach but we cannot attempt it. How can we bring this to the notice of Asobo?

Seychelles airport pack » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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FSIA isn’t included with that pack.

it’s a mess on Bing, covered in clouds, so not sure what they can do about it.
I landed at Fregate FSSF on my tour, plenty challenging. It’s the only option atm, a small grass strip on a little island.

The whole area looks rather ugly

Most of these tropical islands aren’t well covered, too many clouds maybe

FSDG released a Seychelles addon for MSFS a few days ago with all the islands, aerials and airports, but I would also like to see Asobo and Bing taking care of these islands asap. Its just a beautiful part of the world. Perfect for island hopping and a cool approach for airliners.


They said in their last Q&A that some (most?) of the Bing maps satellite views used in FS were 7 years old.
They also said they will update everything but I don’t remember the ETA.
So we could expect something better if the satellite managed to get a clear view without clouds.
I also hate when the clouds are printed on the scenery, it’s pretty bad looking.

I just checked, it has been updated on Bing since I was there (half a year ago). The airport is now clearly visible. There are still some wispy clouds on the island and the sat view is still cloudy, but it should be possible now to add the airport.

It will look weird though, the transition from sat to aerial view is a complete mismatch

I resampled the sat view to compare them (left sat view, right aerial view)

It’s much better than it was anyway. Previous aerial views had most of the airport completely covered in clouds. Google has the island cloud free, but it’s a patch work with mismatching color tiles.

Sat to aerial view? Isn’t it all satellite imagery?

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yes it is i remember they said that in a live stream

Afaik the high detail imagery is (or was) taken by planes. Super high detail sat imagery is still rare and then you have even more cloud layers to deal with.

Anyway it switches to the image on the right as you zoom in, which definitely looks like it’s taken in a different way, looking at the boundaries over water.

Google doesn’t have this clear switch between different sources when zooming in, but isn’t perfect either. FS2020 uses Bing anyway, hence you sometimes get weird transitions between LOD levels as you approach a place.

I doubt Bing is flying planes all over the world for imagery, we could have had global photogrammetry then.

I think it’s simply a case of different satellite resolutions taken at different times.

Maybe, although Bing definitely doesn’t have world wide coverage!

You need to fly much lower for photogrammetry, Washingston DC for example has no PG on Google either, restricted airspace I assume.

Google mentions aerial images next to sat images

The mosaic of satellite and aerial photographs you can see in Google Maps and Google Earth is sourced from many different providers, including state agencies, geological survey organizations and commercial imagery providers. These images are taken on different dates and under different lighting and weather conditions.

In fact, there’s an entire industry around doing aerial surveys. Companies cut holes in the bottom of planes, and cameras take pictures as they fly overhead. In many areas around the world, this is happening constantly. In parts of the world where there isn’t an established aerial survey market, we rely on satellites. With aerial surveys, we get very high-quality images that are sharp enough to create detailed maps. Satellites produce lower-quality imagery, but are still helpful because they provide global coverage.

I’ve noticed chromatic aberration over deserts (Australia for example) which I doubt would happen with the high cost satellite cameras, seems more something from cheaper plane cameras doing aerial surveys. But maybe it’s the high brightness.