All switches and buttons are frozen


I’m having a problem, which I have encountered before.
All switches and buttons are stuck (A320).

I saw this VFR map workaround, but it doesn’t work.

Any tips?

There’s two different issues that are similar. One is where your mouse can’t do anything. If this is the case you do the VFR map or the ATC window close and open trick.

But there’s also another similar issue where the aircraft animation just stops animating. You can tell by looking at the engine blades. If they stop spinning that’s this issue. This also caused the animation in the cockpit to not work. So flipping switches or turning knobs won’t do anything.

But with this issue, you can still do things. Like if you use scroll wheel to change altitude the altitude still change even though the knob doesn’t animate. You can still change ND modes, again the switches don’t change but the display itself does. You can still do everything you need to and the displays reflect that, even though the switches stop animated.

You just need to wait. As you get closer to approach the animation will eventually kick in and everything that you did prior to that will snap every switches and knobs into place.

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Thanks so much for the long reply.

Yes, my issue is that the animations stop working. I guess I just have to wait.

Again, thanks so much for the help!