All the gear and no idea. Help pls - Recording in VR, screenshots in VR - rift S and nvidia

Hi All,
I have a high end rig, bought expressly for MSFS020. I have the Rift S headset and now need some basic help.

  1. How do I see FPS in VR? I have a nvidia 3090 and an stream deck where I have programmed a button to show me cpu and GPU usage and FPS on the screen. But when in VR mode the FPS doesn’t show.

  2. How do I record video of the flights? Again I am using the record function of the Nvidia card but play back shows two videos side by side rather than what I am seeing in the headset.

Thanks for any help.


For FPS with Oculus Debug Tool you will find it in the Support folder of the Oculus folder in Programs.
To record videos in full screen, it is with the oculus mirror always in the support folder

PS: A title like this is useless, to another person who would have the same problem

Thanks for the help. And your opinion on the title.

Thanks again

Update. FPS sorted thanks to the help above. Got my VR working at above 30 FPS.

But the recording / screen shot part is still a mystery. I can open oculus mirror and that opens a window that shows one image. So far so good. But when I take a screen shot with the usual button that works in non VR it now opens windows note pad with text all about oculus mirror.

Also with mirror open I can’t see my mouse in game so clicking on buttons in the cockpit is impossible. Why does Oculus mirror hide my mouse pointer?

Thanks for any help.


Then modify the title by editing your first post, by “How to capture video with Oculus”

For your information, we need to capture the Oculus mirror window.
Change the title

Thanks. I can capture the mirror window but when that window is open the mouse doesn’t appear in the aircraft in the sim. Not a huge issue but occasionally I need to flick a switch.

Also when I press the screen shot button in the nvidia app to take a screen shot it open windows notepad. This doesn’t happen if the mirror window is not open.


There’s a lot of sequence there. Start MSFS, Start Occulus, Start Mirror, Start OBS, Get MSFS to ‘Ready to fly’, set sound source to Rift Audio (not Occulus virtual audio), Start OBS recording mirror, hit ‘ready to fly’, pick you headset up, once the Sim is ready start VR, put your headset on. Use the arrow keys to sort your view out and B to fix your altimiter. Now you can fly and it’ll record what you see…

If you need to leave the window and do anything else on the system, exit VR mode, do it and then restart VR mode.

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