All the gear,no idea!

hi all,i am new to flightsimming.have a top spec pc(19,rtx3090 etc)alpha yoke and bravo throttle and am completely there a whizzkid in the coventry uk area who can help me get it calibrated etc.happy to pay for assistance.cheers john

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Hi John.

Quick tip.
If it’s the Honeycomb gear you need help with specifically then edit the title and drop Alpha yoke and Bravo or similar into it.

I’m nowhere near Coventry but let’s see if we can help you over the internetz.

First questions.
Does your PC turn on, does it have Windows installed (and all the drivers and stuff) and finally…

Is Microsoft FlightSimulator 2020 installed and does it start? (Do you have Steam or Windows Store version?)

The game itself has pre-defined profiles for the Honeycomb yoke and throttle but these may or may not work “out of the box/depending on which of bed Asobo got out of when they created/updated them”
Fear not though, creating new profiles yourself is nothing to be afraid of.

A useful tool for verifying that all your shiny new kit works as advertised is a little software tool called DIView (find it here - Utilities & Configuration Software : Leo Bodnar, Simulator Electronics )
If the kit is plugged in and works then you should see the axes move about and button presses and stuff.

There may be some manufacturer provided driver/configuration software to tinker with but I expect a Honeycomb guru will pop up and give some advice at some point anyway. I’ll just cover the “generic stuff”