All the STITCHING in the world

Map needs some serious polishing. This is snapped from SCEL to SCCI in v1.9.5.0

I know this is annoying but it is the nature of satellite imagery.

If you see stitching, it tends to mean there were clouds over one section when it was clear over another on a given day, so the satellite imagery was taken from two different days to provide full coverage. It may have been at a different time, and it certainly was from a different day, so the angle of lighting was different, and you can easily see the seams.

Asobo, with only 200 programmers, doesn’t have the manpower to hand fix all these seams, and it doesn’t seem they have AI up to the task (yet) either.

You see this in all satellite mapping. Not just Bing’s.

It is the nature of getting your textures from space.

You don’t have to like it, nobody does, but it is just what data we have to work with for now.


That’s the unfortunate reality of it.


Hold your horses boomer. What not is YET, should not mean it couldn’t be better in the hopefully near AI future.