All Three Bush Trips (+ A Bonus)

Hi All,

I honestly think the Bush Trips are one of the best new features of the Microsoft Flight Simulator. I completed all three trips over the past couple weeks and wanted to share some of my screenshots. Disclaimer: Some of the “surprises” of the trips are shown below. If you haven’t completed the bush trips and want some of locations to remain a mystery, turn back. Other than that, I hope you enjoy!

Black Rock City

Western Nevada

Over Lake Tahoe

El Cap and Half Dome

Balkan Coasts

Island Hopping in Greece

The Finale into Santorini

Border Hopping From Argentina into Chile

Crystal Clear Water

Another Dirt Strip

Puerto Natales

Incredible Glaciers!

Breathtaking Peaks Near Torres Del Paine


And finally, not from the trips, but one I thought turned out really well: The Grand Canyon


Hey Guy,
many thanks for your impressions. This looks awesome.
Just a question. I´m at the Balkan route right now and need to land on the grass runway at LGAK. Found even the runway but the game isn´t catching that I´m there. Have you had the same issue there? May you can remember on this particular runway in the middle of fields and may even can remember where to part so that the game is recognizing I´m there.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Thanks! All I can remember is that the runway isn’t depicted on the picture in the navlog and that the runway is right next to the buildings. I do remember i had to do a few circles before I found it. Hopefully, that helps.

Good luck!

I had a detection issue with a different runway, and from forum posts, I see other people had similar issues with other runways.

I finally got mine to detect after driving up and down, stopping along the runway. Mine detected right at one end. Was a paved runway near water.

Separate issue, I found that if you choose ‘next’ on the last leg, it starts another bush trip but doesn’t mark the last leg of previous trip completed.

Oh, and be ware, some runways are so close, you may land at the wrong one! I did that a couple of times on my first flight with the savage cub. The other planes have GPS so it’s hard to get lost.