Allow keybinds for all g1000 soft keys, knobs, buttons

I would like to bind a couple of the soft keys from the g1000 to my button box but that doesn’t seem to be an available option.

My goal is to be able to do simple IFR flights using only my button box and joystick. But this is impossible to manipulate the g1000 soft keys without using the mouse. The main button I would like to see is the CDI button which would allow me to switch CDI source from GPS to NAV radios using a key bind instead of clicking on it with my mouse.

YES!! And not only horizontal soft keys but also G1000 rotaries (NAV, COM, CRS-BARO, RANGE, HDG, ALT, FMS) and all buttons for FPL and also Autopilot buttons. PLEASE!!!
It is so annoying to control G1000 with mouse…


the rotaries would be nice cuz im sick of lining up mouse to wheel and changing view to set a flight plan. already bound ap master, flc, vs, alt, and heading to controller, and got the bug selectors as secondary layer and start and pause button on xbox controller for plus and minus so jsut a selector that uses plus and minus would be good enough for me.


Flying with mouse is not practical nor immersive. Modern hotas, button boxes and custom USB keyboards offer endless possibilities to control the aircraft but we need existing slots for binding keys/buttons/switches/encoders/rotary dials.

I miss especially bindings for G1000 buttons and rotary knobs.

P.S. Personally I like to use VoiceAttack for controlling some aircraft systems with my voice but it requires to define keybinding first for every voice command.

P.P.S It would be also great if we could assign axis for e.g knobs for cockpits light, avionics brightness etc…

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It’s coming, the sim was far from ready for launch in August, give it a few months and stuff like this should hopfully be available.

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I agree, we need the same thing for the 530 and 430. I can’t connect my Desktop Aviator panel hardware to it.


My wish too. Thanks for the thread.

I’ll upvote this as well!

I have opened a Zendesk ticket requesting full functionality via keyboard. This is a must in my opinion. It takes away from the flying experience when you spend so much time and focus on clicking the right knob or dial. In a real aircraft this isn’t an issue since it’s a tactile experience…with a mouse it’s a totally different thing.


You can map alot of the rotaries already. They just aren’t labeled as rotaries. For example the heading rotary can be mapped using "heading bug increase " and “heading bug decrease”. There are some still missing but some are there.


Agree, but only for “steam gauges” cockpits. I use: HDG bug, OBS1, OBS2, Altimeter, Attitude indicator, DG, and NAV1,2, COM1,2. Sadly most GA planes have G1000 and I had not found a way how to map G1000 rotaries… Fortunatelly some of them (NAV, COM, HDG BUG) works for G1000 too, but they are not native ones - you can recognize it because they do not make sounds the G1000 rotaries do.


This is defiantly lacking in the G1000. MFS needs to add the MFD/PFD softkeys 1-12 as well as the Range rotary, DTO, FPL, Proc and etc… this would defiantly improve the immersion. Using a mouse to control these just kills the experience. This has been a pretty sloppy release thus far. Very disappointed with MFS

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I would like to follow that Ticket.

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It’s been “Solved” which, as far as I understand, means that they’ve acknowledged it and will be implementing a fix at some point. No other info.

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Yes, please. I got a Behringer Mini X-Touch midi controller for the rotary knobs and they work great for setting COM/NAV frequencies but I’d really like to be able to use them to control the G1000.

We really need to be able to bind the keyboard and controllers to G1000/G3000 controls. Turning those compound knobs with mouse clicks is ridiculously cumbersome. Something as simple as zooming in/out on the moving map takes way too much effort, and forget about trying to enter a flight plan using the FMS knob. We also need SimConnect events for these so that and the like can use them.

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I do agree 100% however there have been multiple posts for this. The original one I posted seems to be gathering some steam, please go upvote that one instead of splitting votes to duplicates. Link below. Thanks


Same for G3000 please.

Sorry about that. I voted for your thread.