Allow keybinds for all g1000 soft keys, knobs, buttons

Another big issue I have noticed is there is no seperation of the FLC and VS Mode buttons. I have the VS button bound to a button on my button box as well as FLC. For the nose up/nose down buttons, on the realy G1000 these server a dual purpose of either FLC speed up/down or VS speed up/down depending which mode you are in.

There is no way to bind these button as they are on the real G1000. This means I need 3 buttons for VS (VS toggle, VS up and VS down) and another 3 buttons for FLC (FLC toggle, FLC speed up and FLC speed down). This mean a total of 6 buttons as opposed to in real life this is all done with 4 buttons.

Actual button binds for the G1000 buttons as opposed to splitting out functions would solve a lot of issues similar to this.

I really need this…
It is so frustating to not be able to rebind those. it doesn’t event make sense.
Please make those knobs and buttons available in the binding section :heart:

That way, I’ll have a real purpose to start arduino tryhard :wink:

It’s not only the g1000 that lacks some critical keybinding options… the A320 lacks some fundamental autopilot functions that cant be bind to any key… Asobo really needs to make it possible to bind all functions in some way to a key. This will be a bigger problem when VR is used…

This is urgent.

G1000 AND G3000 too.

Until Asobo fixes this, you can use an addon to control the Garmin buttons & knobs via SimConnect:

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Don’t know if you found a solution but if i understand you right then those Event ID’s will help you:

Toggles between GPS and NAV 1 driving NAV 1 OBS display (and AP)

Sets the nav (1 or 2) which is used by the Nav hold modes
(use Parameter 1 for OBS of NAV 1 and 2 for OBS of NAV 2)

It works for me, however i would love to see working Event ID’s for the Push Buttons and Rotary Knob of the Garmin, thats why i google now and then and found this thread.

Sorry i am not sure if Event ID’s would be of any help to you since you were asking for Key Bind inside the sim. But as those Event ID’s work, they might be available to bind within other software like FSUIPC.

G1000 and Multi select button- Controls setup- How do you assign an external button to it? (I could not find a related description on CONTROLS configuration) - I am trying to set up a Knobster type button to help in entering MFD data in the G1000-
I guess this is the right thread for that request— I’ll wait to see when we get a solution…

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Intersting, is there any software that can accept a joytick input an map it to an eventID?

Yes - see here:

It’s 2021 where’s the update to the keybinds :wink:

If you add the MOBIFlight Events module you can get them today. I posted up a message last night how to do this and will be posting my WIP Air Manager panel later today.

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How can I map those events to my button box tho? I assume I would need to use the custom app posted above, that was just released. Also have a link to your post??

Yes for a custom panel you may want to look into using the full Mobiflight app which allow you to map the hardware to the events. For my purposes I’m only using the events module at present in conjuction with my Streamdeck XL and Air Manager, tho I do have a plan to add encoders in the near future and will use MOBIFLIGHT for the interface.

Yeah I will probably try out to the other app however I am a little nervous about installing random little apps like that. Honestly I just wish Asobo would add the key binds.


It seems that is able to trigger G1000 events now, with the LVAR bridge configured. I have tried to reproduce the same event in this video:
(Sim Video) MSFS LVAR Bridge Configuration - YouTube,
and I could press FPL button, FMS knobs… with my joystick, at least with the same plane than in the video: AC62 Asobo. I couldn’t however to catch the events when pressing with the mouse in the cockpit, but they can be selected manually with (AS1000 events).

In this video he is running SPADNEXT (alpha/beta). I cannot find that version. I am on Have you tried this and it works? What version are you on?

I think that to be able to have the beta and alpha version you have to buy the complete version. I bought the Complete Edition time ago, and I have the alpha version installed To install beta or alpha version you have to activate it in Aplication Settings -> Expert -> Update Channel: Beta (or alpha). And to use LVAR bridge, you have to unzip into the MSFS: Packages\Community

Awesome, Thanks for the speedy reply! That did it. I now have the folder needed to move to the community folder. Going to try set up now.

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Especially since the mouse cursor doesn’t jostle in sync with the plane. (Not a problem if you shift to the correct “I can’t see anything else” view, but a pain to have to do every time.

BTW, Arrashona (screen name) has all but the RANGE knob mapped to his (and my) Stream Deck via Flight-Tracker software (via SimConnect). We can increment and decrement Heading Bug, Alt and more recently VOR1 Course. The lone holdout is GPS Range. I also saw KEY_ settings for the MFD and PFD page knobs, but we haven’t incorporated those yet.

Vote for the mouse cursor to jostle in sync with the plane here: