Allow keybinds for all g1000 soft keys, knobs, buttons

They don’t work, at least in

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i had tried (like i did on P3D) to assign these G1000 events (all “KEY_G1000…” events, not those starting with “G1000”, see SDK) to keyboard by modify directly the file containing the key assignements (the equivament of the FSX /P3D controls.xml ) and it doesn’t work :frowning:

This file (in XML) is into one of the subfolder of C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\SystemAppData\wgs\

In, did you tried the “G1000…” or “KEY_G1000…” ?

It’s a known issue. g1000 keys not working - SPAD.neXt

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I suspected it as the modification in the assignment file did not work either

@Thermoclimb, thanks for the suggestion! I hope this can be worked in soon. Since there is another similar thread, I would encourage everyone to go there and click the vote button to help draw attention to this matter (even if you voted on this post). So we don’t split the votes between the 2 topics, I am going to mark this one as closed, and merge it with the other post. (The other one has more votes). Feel free to shoot me a message with any concerns, etc. Thanks!

could you please provide a link? I cannot find the other thread you mentioned.

Hi @Cupiii7093, I believe that comment above got merged into this topic from another one. So actually, this was the topic I was referring to, and now appears to be the main one. Sorry for the confusion! If you were searching for more info, here is one that is very similar: Allow keybindings for all cockpit controls: G1000 & avionics modules, switches, buttons, levers etc

I completely agree that this sort of functionality is badly needed. This would open the door for all sorts of physical controllers and cockpit configurations.

This is also needed for AirManager to create a working G1000 instrument.

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Anyone have a good workaround for the map zoom/range functions in the meantime or still stuck with the mouse-over functioning? Agreed though that a full-function G1000 mapping/binding would help a lot - especially with VR coming around the corner.

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How are the panel makers (realsimgear, logitech, etc.) and the home cockpit builders with custom designed G1000, etc. doing it?

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I would love to have physical knobs for FMS and Range/Zoom, and also be able to map keybindings for the softkeys. My simple flights could be done almost entirely without the mouse, baring view adjustments for screenshots.

We really need sim events for all the instruments, it’s keeping those of us with home cockpits or custom equipment from really getting into the sim. I’m still using XP because a lot of my hardware is only half functional.

If you’re interested in this topic and have not clicked the “Vote” button at the top of the post, please do so. Devs have been responding to the top requests in their regular updates.

Like everyone here, I would love to buy/build a simple button box to avoid the frustrating mouse interface on the GPS instruments. Ideally, doing this with a standard HID controller via the controller config screen is preferable to having to write or install custom add-ons that increase the fragility of the overall system.


Another big issue I have noticed is there is no seperation of the FLC and VS Mode buttons. I have the VS button bound to a button on my button box as well as FLC. For the nose up/nose down buttons, on the realy G1000 these server a dual purpose of either FLC speed up/down or VS speed up/down depending which mode you are in.

There is no way to bind these button as they are on the real G1000. This means I need 3 buttons for VS (VS toggle, VS up and VS down) and another 3 buttons for FLC (FLC toggle, FLC speed up and FLC speed down). This mean a total of 6 buttons as opposed to in real life this is all done with 4 buttons.

Actual button binds for the G1000 buttons as opposed to splitting out functions would solve a lot of issues similar to this.

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I really need this…
It is so frustating to not be able to rebind those. it doesn’t event make sense.
Please make those knobs and buttons available in the binding section :heart:

That way, I’ll have a real purpose to start arduino tryhard :wink:

It’s not only the g1000 that lacks some critical keybinding options… the A320 lacks some fundamental autopilot functions that cant be bind to any key… Asobo really needs to make it possible to bind all functions in some way to a key. This will be a bigger problem when VR is used…

This is urgent.

G1000 AND G3000 too.

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Until Asobo fixes this, you can use an addon to control the Garmin buttons & knobs via SimConnect:

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